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A Note About Latin American Cuisine. Latin America consists of those countries in Americas that Spain and Portugal conquered and colonized, often, when people say Latin America, they really mean Hispanoamerica.

Each Latin American Country has hes own seperate coultures- and as a result, its own unique cuisine, indeed each region within each country has iys own distinct culinary specialities-just as the countries of Europa do, like anywhere in the world.
So Latin American cuisine really is a collection of different cuisines, rather tahn its own entity.


An Ecuadorian restaurant is not ”Spanish” a Mexican taqueria is not ”Spanish” a Chillean Restaurant is not ”Spanish” I imagine the practice developd because many people from Hispanoamerica speak Spanish as their first language.
But each Latino/a person takes great pride in Hes / her country origin, as well as the tradition from the country, also, it dosent even make any sense, if you think about it, I`m Danish, sweedish or german and I speak English…. but because I speak English suddenly I am ”English”
Another misconception is that all people who speak spanish eat tacos and enchiladas, those foods are from Mexico, You will not find them in most other regions, and particulary not in South Amarican cuisine, only mexican and central American cuisine use Tortillas, in fact in Spain a tortilla actually means an omelette.

Some foods like tamales and salsas, can be found in may regions, but they vary greatly, depending on what is found locally, take beans, for instance, rice and beans is a staple dish in many Latin american cuisine-but it is made diferently in every country. For excample in Cuba ( more about Cuba in Another Blog ), you will find slow cooked black beans, in Peru fava and white beans, in mexico pinto beans, in Puerto rico, pigneo peas etc. etc.


So why put all the Hispanic Latin American Cuisine together ? Well they do share some of the same ingredients, and they do share the contributions of Spain, the colonizing country. Here in Europa we have not had the opportunity to learn much about different Latin American countries cuisine, so for the lack of knowlegde, we just lumped them all together, I dont think it`s intentional, I was q
guilty of the same, but after my many travel as a chef in Latin, Middel and south America I thought I`D do my part to clarify things, I just give you a littel bit of knowlegde about this topic, I will now give you the most populary traditional Latin American dishes.

A delecate,flufy,white dough shaped in format of a sauce and made mainly of corn flour,prominent in the cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela, It is eaten dayli by both Colombians and venezuelan and can be filled with various accompaniments such as cheese,avocado, beans or meat, a crowd pleaser.

Pao de Queijo:
An exclusive delight from brazil that pleases all palates and it is gluten free, putting it simple, Pao de Queijo is a small baked, cheese ball made from sour cassava flour and of cause, lots of tasty cheese, a popular snack and breakfast food in brazil, Pao de queijo originated from african slaves like may other Brazilian foods, slaves would soak and peel the cassava root and make bread rolls from it.

Popular all over central and south Amirica, the tamales dough are made of corn masa, wich is filled with pork, chicken or beef and delicately wrapped in a corn husk of banana leaf and then steamed, the wrapping is off cause discarded before eating, the tamales shape filling and even wrapping can vary from country to country.

Croncy or soft, they are messy and great fun to eat it is a traditional Mexican dish made of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling. A taco can be made with a variety of fillings including beef,pork,chicken,seafood,vegetables and cheese, a taco is generally eaten without knifes or forks and is often acommpanied by salsa or chili pepper,avocado or guacamole, coriander onions and lettuce.

Empanadas Argentinas:
Empanadas are common all over South America, but the Argentina Empanadas especialy the steak one has one advantage, the countrys great meat quality.
Empanadas are made by folding dough or bread with stuffing consisting of a variaty of meat,cheese,vegetables and others, Argentinae Empanadas are often serving duing parties and festivals as a starter or main course and it is the perfect accomonpaniment for a glass of hearty Argentinean Malbec.

Peruvian Ceviche:
Peruvian cuisine is some of the spiciest in the region. It is an electic blend of international cultures that settled in the area.Peruvian food is known as a fusion of flvors.One of the most popular recipes native to Peru is Ceviche, since this country is surronded by water, freh fish is a major ingredient in most dishes, ceviche includes seafood cured in citrus juice and spiced with chili peppers, it is usually served with side dishes that complement its flavor like corn, sweet potatoes and plantains.

Brasillian feijoada:
Traditional Brazilian feijoada is a stew filled with black beans and pork or beef, it is commenly served with rice,vegetables, and a variety of sausages, chourico and morcela are just afew of the most popular sausage choices, a common side dish with this is farofai, wich is made from toasted manioc flour, with the dish you can enjoy Caipirinha, brazil`s national cocktail, It is a mixture of Brandy,ice, sugar and lime.

Colombian Bandeja Paisa:
In Colombia, one of the top dishes is bandeja paisa, it is commonly served on a large oval shaped platter that contains a variety of foods, including red beans and pork,white rice, ground meat,fried eggs,chorizo,flatbread,hogao sauce, avocado and citus fruit. Since your plate will be piled heigh, you will have the feeling you cleared a buffet of delicious foods.

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